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BDSI 2016: Alex Mease

The 10 weeks of research in Dr. Layden’s lab this summer was an enriching experience all around. It provided a sense of what working full time in a bio lab would be like in terms of the amount of science that can be done, and the friendships that can form in the process. It was more fulfilling than just taking classes because it provided a sense of accomplishment when we could see actual results, even if those results were not what we wanted or expected to see. Dr. Layden laid out the problem to be answered very well, and how each of us would contribute in order to get information to answer this question. I learned more than I thought I would about the scientific process and how research is conducted on a day-to-day basis. Some days are very long and you may not get to see any results, and sometimes an hour or two protocol can answer a question. The graduate student in our lab, Dylan, was an amazing mentor and always helped as much as we needed. Whether it was understanding why we were doing a certain experiment, or performing the specific steps of the protocol, he could provide insight. The post-doc in the lab, Jamie, although not an official member of the BDSI team, was still crucial to our success in the lab. She was always available to ask questions and walk us through any procedure. The other undergraduates on the team, Jessie and Paul, were smart, enthusiastic, and overall great people to work alongside for over two months. Jessie was sometimes over-critical of her work, but in the end made it us more conscious of the mistakes that can be made. We could always look to Paul to lighten the mood by being the good-humored goof ball that he is. I think the three of us provided a great balance in order to get work done but also to enjoy our time in the lab. Along with the undergrads from the lab of Dr. Ware, we were able to come together at the end of the program to put together a presentation that incorporated all of our data and present it to the biology department. I am grateful that we had such a great team that worked together well and could help each other whether it had to do with the research or otherwise.



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